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For several years, Albert acted as a collection agent for Paulette. Recently, Paulette revoked Albert’s authority to collect payments from customers. However, neither Paulette nor Albert told any customers of Albert’s termination. Yesterday, Theresa, one of Paulette’s customers, paid Albert the money owed to Paulette. Albert never gave this money to Paulette. Is Theresa liable to pay Paulette? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131081787

Effects on public revenues and expenditures-public health

In recent years the States of Colorado and Washington have (for all practical purposes) legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Both advocates and opponents claimed that

Explain how could ralph lauren s managers provide

Who would pursue the first objective (maximizing revenues). Explain how could Ralph Lauren s managers provide an incentive for profit-maximizing behavior.

Automatic mechanism adjusting the economy

Suppose the economy is at a short−run equilibrium GDP that lies above potential GDP. Which of the following will occur because of the automatic mechanism adjusting the economy

Why increasing opportunity costs occur within economy

Given a two country (A & B) and two goods (X & Y) model with identical endowments: Draw the PPF for country A that displays increasing opportunity costs and also shows that co

Explain how much are islonad government purchases

assume that isoland has a closed economy. Isoland national investment is $50,000,000, its private saving is $60,000,000 and its taxes minus transfer payment equal $65,000,00

Types of financial transactions

When trade does occur across national boundaries there are many types of financial transactions that take place. These transactions are recorded in a summary called the balanc

What is the cournot-nash equilibrium

The inverse demand curve for widgets is P = 130−2Q. There are two firms, A and B, who produce wid- gets. Each firm has a constant marginal and average cost of producing the go

Derive each fishermans best response function

Two identical fishermen, Jill and Kevin, fish from the same lake. Since they are only two small producers, they cannot effect the price paid for their fish (P = 100), but they


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