Authority and responsibility in emergency management

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Emergency managers focus on preparation for potential emergencies, disasters, and catastrophic events and coordinating the responses to those events. Emergency managers are the experts in the field of emergency management, and as experts, they are often called upon to provided information and advice to policy makers such as city managers, city councils, police chiefs and their staffs, fire chiefs and their staffs, and private-sector stakeholders.

You are an emergency manager in a medium-sized city, and you have been asked by your city manager to provide the city council with some important information that will better facilitate its decision making on seeking and accepting state and federal grants, many of which have matching funds. However, many members of the city council are very concerned about the possible loss of local control that they believe may result if the city accepts outside funding.

Assignment Guidelines

Your assignment is to create an informational memorandum of 650-900 words (not counting your cover page and bibliography) for your city council that outlines how federal, state, and local first responders coordinate their efforts when responding to disasters.

Who holds the most authority and responsibility in emergency management? Why?

What is the primary purpose of the state and federal levels with regard to emergency management response? Explain.

What is the role of DHS with regard to emergency management response? Explain.

What is the role of FEMA with regard to emergency management response? Explain.

Provide and describe 2-3 examples of federal, state, local, and private integration efforts, and explain why they were successful in their emergency response.

You should use APA citation style and ensure that you include a reference list.

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Reference no: EM13789030

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