Authorised nurse immuniser in health promotion

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In this topic, you will need to find out about the local health promotional services. In your discussion, include the following: Describe the methods used in your area (nsw) to promote vaccination. Do you think the current methods are suitable for the socio-economic demographic of your area? Choose another student in your group and describe to them a health promotional tool that you feel may be of use in their local area. discuss the importance of the role of the authorised nurse immuniser in health promotion. You will be assessed on your ability to: demonstrate a thorough understanding of the issue under discussion demonstrate a thorough understanding of any reading under discussion propose alternative views on a issue of discussion that moves the discussion forward explain your thoughts clearly and logically make original and relevant contributions to a discussion that demonstrate insight into the issue demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of others' points of view.

Reference no: EM13939875

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