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You have been asked to write a report outlining how Australia would be able to build sustainable, national competitive advantage in one of the three following industries.

Medical devices industry

Cinema production industry

International education 

Your report should draw upon new trade theory and Porter’s theory of national competitive advantage as the basis of your analysis.

 In the body of your report you will need to provide the following

Brief outline of each of the theories

Outline the current position and issues of the Australian industry you have chosen

Outline and justify what industry strategies and government policies you would recommend be adopted to improve Australia’s position in the industry for the short and long term. 

As this is a group exercise all members of the group are expected to contribute actively and substantially. While it is understood that some members of the group may provide more input in the research, whereas others may do more of the actual written work, the group will be required to acknowledge that all group members have given quality time to the project. 

While writing your report, you should incorporate relevant theories and concepts to justify your arguments. Remember to acknowledge your sources throughout the paper using the Harvard referencing system (in-text referencing). 

The report is to be typed and 1.5 spaced (a standard 12 point font should be used).  It should be checked for spelling, consistency and clarity of expression.  

Your report should incorporate at least 30 different references.  These can be sourced from the following:

1. Academic articles

2. Relevant textbooks

3. Periodicals

4. Newspapers

5. Relevant online sources 

The 30 references need to be evenly balanced between these five resource options. Examples of all of these reference options are detailed in this outline.  

No extensions will be granted. Late tasks will be accepted up to 72 hours after the submission deadline.  There will be a deduction of 10% of the total available marks made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in submission – 20% penalty). This penalty does not apply for cases in which an application for unavoidable disruption is made and approved. 

All group work is peer moderated 

In Week 12 each student will submit a peer evaluation assessment for each member in their group (including themselves).  This will then allow a peer factor to be allocated to the Group’s raw score for each individual student, allowing a dispersion of marks within the same group. This peer factor is kept confidential. (See Appendix 1) 

Assessment Components – ESSAY & GROUP REPORT TURNITIN 

Remember your individual essay and group report must be your own work. Therefore, both assignments must be submitted to Turnitin on iLearn. A link to Turnitin and instructions on how to submit an assignment to Turnitin will be provided.

 Please note that when submitting your essay and report you must include the following: 

1. Cover sheet with student/s name, student ID number, tutorial/class enrolment number, tutorial day and time;

2. Turnitin receipt email. This email provides time and date proof of assignment submission to the Turnitin system; and

3. Printed copy of the ‘Originality Report’ from Turnitin.

In terms of the group report, each group is responsible for assessing its level of plagiarism. Although you can submit the report to Turnitin as many times as you like before the due date, only the final submission will count to Turnitin. Any Turnitin Report with 20%+ plagiarism will be carefully reviewed and marks deducted equivalent to the percentage plagiarised.

 Students will be placed in a group, even if they are not present on the day Groups are set up and topics assigned. If a student is not present the lecturer will send them a portal message informing them which group they are in.  It is the individual responsibility of all students to attend class, to read portal messages, meet with the other group members and to establish group tasks and meeting arrangements. If a student does not participate in this Group task they will not be eligible for the mark given to the other group members nor will they be awarded any marks for the assessment.

This is the assignment ..we chose to do the international education and my part is to 

Outline and justify what industry strategies and government policies you would recommend be adopted to improve Australia’s position in the industry for the short and long term.

plz describe this recommendation---increase  quality of education through the integration of the schools and government policies(easier process to obtain student visas,loan,rent/place to stay etc)to compensate for the high price and high value of aus dollar.this will also inturn increase australia's reputation for international education

if u can find more recommendation plz include as well if not its all gud

Words between 1000-1200

atleast 10 references

plz follow the report guide wen u doing my part 

Reference no: EM13905407

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