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Which of the following actions does not help make a company’s brand of entry-level cameras more competitive and attractive to buyers vis-à-vis the brands of rival firms?

1. Increasing the P/Q rating of the company’s entry-level cameras from 3 stars to 4 stars in all four geographic regions

2. Not outsourcing the assembly of entry-level cameras to contract suppliers (which risks damaging the company’s image rating)

3. Increasing the number of entry-level camera models in the company’s product line from 3 models to 5 models

4. Increasing advertising expenditures by $500,000 per quarter in the two geographic regions where the company’s market shares of entry-level camera sales are lowest

5. Increasing the price discount offered during the company’s promotional campaigns for entry-level cameras and also increasing the length of the warranty period for entry-level cameras.

Reference no: EM131154099

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