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Pepsi uses six-sigma technique to evaluate whether its 15 oz Gatorade has consistent weight. Pepsi took a sampling of 1000 15 oz Gatorade and found out that the average weight was 15.12 oz with a standard deviation of 0.3 oz. Pepsi considers a tolerance of ± 4% from 15 oz acceptable.

a). What is the percentage of 15 oz Gatorade that meets the specification?

b). What are the percentages of 15 oz Gatorade that are considered "overweight" and "underweight"?

c). If Pepsi improves its production process, and samples another 1000 bottles and finds a average weight of 15 oz with a standard deviation of 0.25 oz. What is the % of 15 oz Gatorade that meets the specification? What quality standard does this new process achieve (in terms of number of "sigma")?

d) Following c, what is the standard deviation that Pepsi needs to achieve in order to achieve the 6-sigma standard without having to change the specification?

Reference no: EM1383305

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