At what rate is oil flowing from the site of the accident

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An accident at an oil drilling platform is causing a circular oil slick. The slick is 0.08 foot thick, and when the radius is 750 feet, the radius of the slick if increasing at the rate of 0.5 foot per minute. At what rate (in cubic feet per minute) is oil flowing from the site of the accident?

Reference no: EM13187573

Steps in the recruitment-staffing process

Write a 2 page minimum 500 word paper on the question below. Use at least one biblical example in your answer. Use proper citations. What are the steps in the recruitment/st

Breeding group of foxes is introduced into a protected area

A breeding group of foxes is introduced into a protected area, and the population growth follows a logistic pattern.  After t years the population of foxes is given by N=39.6

Read the case of amvac

Does Amvac have a sustainable business strategy? Why or why not? Should the law prohibit Amvac and others from exporting pesticides barred from use in the United States? Why o

Recommendations of the following based on a company

What should be incorporated into the following building blocks given the page limit and mark allocation. Theory, evaluation, and recommendations of the following based on a co

Weakly bounded subset-weak convergence

Suppose that E is a normed linear space, and C is a subset. Prove that C is weakly bounded if and only if C is norm bounded. Conclude that weakly convergent sequences in E a

Uniform on the set

Let X be uniform on the set {1/2,1/3,1/4}, and let the distribution of Y |X = x be geometric with parameter x; that is, P(Y = k|X = x) = (1 - x)kx, for k = 0,1,2,..

Solution of the system of equations

2. Determine whether the given ordered pair is a solution of the system of equations. Remember to use alphabetically ordered variables. (6,-9) 2x=21-y 8x=84+4y Is the ordere

How many years would you have to save up for a down payment

How many years would you have to save up for a down payment on a house if you put down 56 % of the required down payment of $ 7,740, and you could find an investment that le


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