At what price would you receive a margin call

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A. The current market price for XYZ is $52 per share. Initial margin is 50%, maintenance margin is 35% and margin interest is 1.75% per year.

A.1) You believe the stock price will increase over the next year and wish to trade exactly one round lot. What trade should you make? How much margin would you have to post to your account? At what price would you receive a margin call?

A.2) Suppose you are correct and the stock rises to $55 per share at the end of the year. What is your percentage return on equity for this trade?

Reference no: EM13978946

Determine the appropriate type of market structure

From the scenario, determine the appropriate type of market structure for the situation in question. Cite at least four (4) defining characteristics that have helped you reach

The classical principle of monetary neutrality states

The classical principle of monetary neutrality states that changes in the money supply do not influence ________ variables and is thought most applicable in the ________ run. 

What was average annual growth for oregon over time period

Suppose that the GDP of California increases by 8.0% each year. how long will it take for the GDP of California to double? Suppose that the gdp of Oregon today is exactly twic

What impact would deflation have on inserts rate

During 2003, we began to stop worrying that inflation was a problem. Instead , we began to worry about deflation, a decline in the price level. Assume that the central bank (

Determine the face value of each bond

Eight bonds were purchased for $8,628.16. They were kept for 5 years and coupon payments were received at the end of each of the 5 years. Immediately following receipt of the

Possibility of principal-agent problem in corporations

Why is there a possibility of a principal-agent problem in corporations? In the response, discuss examples of opportunistic behavior (principal-agent problem). Discuss three s

What is your total variable cost per acre

Assume you are a wheat farmer in North Central Kansas, you have fixed costs per acre of $84, variable cost per bushel is $3.64, and you produce 56 bushels per acre. What is yo

Bonds sale to be used in the school construction

A $2 million school-bond issue bearing interest at 15 percent payable annually and maturing in 25 year was sold at a price which a 20 percent annual rate of return to the inve


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