At what price will kim be faced with her first margin call

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1)Kim want to separate on the declining value of RST Inc. If the price of RST is currently $60 and has decided to Short-Sell 800 shares; What will her A/C shares look like?
2) At what price will Kim be faced with her FIRST margin call?
3) If price of RST goes up to $80; Calculate Kim's margin call assuming she is a new Client?
4) If after 6 Months from the start, Kim has a Short-Sell set at $40 per share; Calculate her HPR & AHPR (Assuming no dividends)

Reference no: EM13271779

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The annual interest rate on one-year, U.S. government bonds is 5 percent. The annual interest rate on one-year Swedish government bonds is 7 percent.

Stem from the same subject and material

This is 3 different questions that all stem from the same subject and material so I'm going to post them all at once and pay accordingly rather than posting 3 seperate quest


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