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Motorola obtains cell phones from its contract manufacturer located in China to serve U.S. market. The U.S. is served from a warehouse located in Memphis, Tennessee. Daily Demand at the Memphis warehouse is normally distributed with a mean of 5,000 and a standard deviation of 4,000.The warehouse aims for a CSL of 99 percent. The company is debating whether to use sea or air transportation from china. Sea transportation results lead time of 36 days and costs $0.50 per phone. The air transportation results in a lead time of 4 days and costs $1.50 per phone. Each phone costs $100 and Motorola uses a holding cost of 20 percent. Given the minimum lot sizes, Motorola would order 100,000 phones at a time (on average, once every 20 days) if using sea transport and 5,000 phones at a time (on average, daily) if using air transport. To begin with, assume that Motorola takes ownership of the inventory on delivery.

a) Assuming that Motorola follows a continuous review policy, what reorder point and safety inventory should the warehouse aim for when using sea or air transportation?

b) How many of safety and cycle inventory will Motorola carry under each policy?

c) Under a continuous review policy, do you recommend sea or air transportation if Motorola does not own the inventory while it is in transit? Does your answer change if Motorola has ownership of inventory while it is in-transit?

d) suppose, its possible to get rid of variablility in the lead-time as the deliveries are made via sea transportation. what is the most motorola would be willing to pay for this, ie the deliveries would be guaranteed to arrive within 36 days?

Reference no: EM1381143

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