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The state department of health is concerned about the lack of medical care in rural areas and a group of nine communities has been selected for a pilot program in which medical clinics will be opened to serve primary healthcare requirements. Any community can serve as a potential clinic site except for community 6, where the facilities are unavailable. The figure below exhibits a network identifying the communities as numbered circles, and the lines drawn between the sites indicating the travel distances in miles.

Assuming that each community will be required to be 25 miles at most from the nearest clinic, how many clinics would be needed and what would their possible locations be? Provide all possible location solutions. . (Show all calculations to receive partial credit).

Reference no: EM1383530

Explain how prejudices or stereotypes

Please explain the purpose of an information system and describe how information systems may be used to support an organization and enhance productivity and decision making. E

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Jason Binghamton is a huge fan of the Montana State Teacher’s College (M.S.T.C.) men’s basketball team, nicknamed the “Flying Elk.” Jason files suit against Lewis and Clark St

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What is the seasonalized forecast for each day of next week, A small family-owned restaurant uses a seven-day moving average model to determine manpower requirements.

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Describe benefits of a network strategy which streamlines operational procedures. Explain effects of using various quality management techniques on productivity.

Supervisory team consists of three caucasian men

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Select an organization that either has or is experiencing challenges with its compensation and benefit system. The student will provide a brief historical view of the organiza


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