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Last year Hamdi Corp. had sales of $500,000, operating costs of $450,000, and year-end assets of $355,000. The debt-to-total-assets ratio was 17%, the interest rate on the debt was 7.5%, and the firm's tax rate was 35%. The new CFO wants to see how the ROE would have been affected if the firm had used a 50% debt ratio. Assume that sales, operating costs, total assets, and the tax rate would not be affected, but the interest rate would rise to 8.0%. By how much would the ROE change in response to the change in the capital structure?

Reference no: EM13721825

What should be the yield to maturity on risk-free bonds

The rate of inflation for the next twelve months (Year 1) is expected to be 1.4%; it is expected to be 1.8% the following year (Year Two); and it is expected to be 2.0% every

Expectations theory compute expected one year interest rates

The interest rate on one year treasury bonds is 1%, The rate on two year T-bonds is 0.9% and the rate on three-year T-bonds is 0.8%. Using the expectations theory compute the

What is the equilibrium rate of return-treasury bond

The real risk-free rate is 3.55%, inflation is expected to be 2.55% this year, and the maturity risk premium is zero. Taking account of the cross-product term, i.e., not ignor

Compensation to economic value added

As an organizational leader, would you be for or against tying your compensation to economic value added and why? What other ways could managers be compensated and motivated i

Shares of common stock problem

One year ago, Richard purchased 40 shares of common stock for $10 per share. During the year, he received one dividend in the amount of $0.50 per share. If the stock currently

What is the future worth of this investment

Aerotron Electronics is considering the purchase of a water filtration system to assist in circuit board manufacturing. The system costs $60,000. It has an expected life of 7

Mortgage plan problem

You are financing a 300K home with 20% down payment. The 30-year interest rate (APR) is 4.5%, and the 15-year interest rate (APR) is 3.5%. What is the difference in the monthl

Present value of a perpetuity making quarterly payments

A business borrows $296,926 for 9 years at an annual rate of interest of 6%. If payments are annual and the loan will negatively amortize by $49,469, what will be the annual p


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