Assume that interest rate parity holds

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Assume that interest rate parity holds. In the spot market 1 Japanese yen = $0.01, while in the 180-day forward market 1 Japanese yen = $0.0105. 180-day risk-free securities yield 1.35% in Japan. What is the yield on 180-day risk-free securities in the United States? Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Do not round intermediate calculations.


Reference no: EM131182588

What is the market price per share of stock

Say you decide to start a firm and you need $500 million of capital to begin. You sell stock for its par value, a total of one million shares (par value is $200 per share), an

How much net cash flow would be generated

A firm purchased equipment three years ago for $23,097. Accumulated depreciation is $13,213, and the firm's tax rate is 30%. If the equipment is sold today for $20,519, how mu

No credit refused-what is the nar with monthly compounding

The "No Credit Refused" used car dealer offers the following automobile finance opportunity. Monthly payments on the loan are 4% of the original loan amount for 36 months. Tha

Strict residual dividend policy

Reynolds Paper Products Corporation follows a strict residual dividend policy. All else equal, which of the following factors would be most likely to lead to an increase in th

Calculate the book value-liquidation value-replacement value

We know the following regarding Ryan Inc. Total A are $200m, Debt is $60m, Equity is $130m, cash is $50m and the number of shares is 1m. I estimate that the market value of eq

What are the effects on the after-tax profits-cash flow

A project currently generates sales of $11.5 million, variable costs equal to 40% of sales, and fixed costs of $3.5 million. The firm’s tax rate is 35%. What are the effects o

Rate of dividends is consistent with current observed share

You’re currently a buy-side analyst working for a big asset manager. You believe that investing in Disney (DIS) presents interesting opportunities for your fund: the share pri

Makes it financially critical to maintain credit score

Mortgage lenders base the mortgage interest rate they offer you on your credit rating. This makes it financially critical to maintain a credit score of 700 or higher. How much


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