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The ASTD (Association for Talent Development) Competency Model defines what practitioners in the training and development profession need to know and do to be successful in the field

1. List 2 competency areas you think are important in the organizational training context. Explain why.  

2.  What are the roles that training and development professionals can take according to the ASTD competency model? Do you have any experience in practicing any of these roles? If yes, then explain your experience. If not then, are you interested in practicing any of these roles?

Reference no: EM131418915

Describe a problem you have experienced in the workplace

Select two motivational theories and compare and contrast their basic premises. Select one of these theories to use as the basis for the solution you would propose for the w

How it relates to nonprofit financial management

HR and NPO Financial Management - What your thoughts are to these fundamental questions in your own experiences and how it relates to nonprofit financial management?

Seniority pay with merit pay

Question 1: Compare and contrast seniority (longevity) pay with merit pay. Determine the advantages and disadvantages of each, including specific examples to support your re

What is the net saving or loss and the benefits

Calculate saving for all categories in yr 2,3,and 4 taking yrs 1 as a based also total incremental saving from higher employee retention for all personnel categories - what

Evaluate ulrichs perspective on the fourth wave of hr

In essence, HR must integrate with external conditions and stakeholders to build successful HRM. Evaluate Ulrich's perspective on the fourth wave of HR. What are the strengt

Describing a conflict situation

In a 250-300 word response, describe a conflict situation you have experienced in the workplace. Explain the impact that the communication process played in resolving or esc

Do you think these kinds of searches are ethical

Why do you think so many employers search for information about job applicants online using Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other online tools? Do you think these kinds of se

Explain why rankings are given to employees

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of three different types of performance appraisals. Make a recommendation of which type of performance appraisal is most appropriate


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