Assignment outline - insecurity of food industry in campus
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Need Assignment Outline

Required parts for your outline:

Description of target audience (use prompt and SMGW p. 300-301

Working Thesis about your evaluation of the GFI

Outline of Arguments (select the ones from paper #1 prewriting file that fit best with your thesis OR come up with new ones of your own) according to list in Assignment

Insecurity of Food Industry in Campus

Reference style for in text and reference list is MLA.

You should use 6 articles that are highlighted by a yellow pen in the attached image. Assess your subject and consider how to present it to your readers.

Once you have made a preliminary choice of a subject, consider how you can frame tamale It so that readers will be open to your evaluation. To do this, consider first hor, you regard the subject and what your readers are likely to think. Use the following ques. lions and sentence strategies as a jumping-off point. You can make the sentences you generate your own later, as you revise.


List those qualities of your SUBJECT that you like and dislike, or list its strengths and weaknesses or advantages and disadvantages.

What makes X good/bad is____ and ____.

Although X is stellar in ____ (ways], it falls short in [other ways).

What GENRE or kind of subject is it?

X is a [name genre or category of subject, such as romantic comedy or horror movie].

X is an innovative example of _____ (name category in which the subject belongs) that combines elements of ____ and ____.

X is rather unconventional for a ____ (name category in which the subject belongs].

what CRITERIA or standards of judgment do you usually use to evaluate things of this kind?
I expect X to be ____ or ___
I dislike it when X is ___

How does your subject COMPARE to other examples of the genre?

Compared to Y, X has the best/worst
[name trait].
4 X is like Y in that both are/do/make ______ , but X is more/less
4 Whereas Y can be faulted/praised for ______ X ____ .


Who are your READERS, and why will they be reading your review? Is the subject new or familiar to them?

My readers are _____ and are probably reading my review to learn about the subject/to decide whether to see it, play it, or buy it.

My readers will probably be familiar with the subject. They may be curious to know what I think because ______.

How might DEMOGRAPHIC FACTORS such as readers' age, gender, cultural background, or work experience affect their judgment of the subject?

Older/Younger readers are less/more likely to ____.

People who work in _____ or who ______ are familiar with may be more/less critical, or apply different standards to a subject like this one.

What CRITERIA or standards of judgment do you expect your readers to use when evaluating subjects of this kind? What other EXAMPLES of the genre would they be familiar with?

I expect readers to share my criteria.
If they like/dislike Y, they are sure to like/dislike X.
Judging X on the basis of ______ is likely to surprise readers because they are probably more familiar with _____ and ______.


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In this assignment, the different food initiatives are taken by the University of California, University of Berkely, Eric Holt Gimenez, Sara Goldrick Rab, Watson Tyler and Patel raj is discussed and explained in this study. Moreover, various food initiatives taken globally is discussed in this study.

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    Warren Writing (wcwp100) I've attached Page 300 -301. Reference style for in text and reference list is MLA. You should use 6 articles that are highlighted by a yellow pen in the attached image. please, use the writing style in this document, Firstassi.docx . Also, plz write like the style in the below link.

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