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Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is a dynamic rather than a linear process because it involves the dynamic interaction of the factors pertaining to the internal and the internal environment to determine the overall strategic direction of a healthcare firm.

The static aspects refer to the aspects of the operating environment that the healthcare organization cannot change such as the providers, clients and competitors (Baack and Fischer, 2013).

Porter adds the dynamic aspects of the organization's operating environment to include supplier and client bargaining power, competitive barriers and the threat of product and service alternatives (Porter, 2008).

Quality control and information technology are part of the tactical goals suggested by Baack and Fischer (2013). According to Baack and Fischer (2013), information technology allows for the maintenance, tracking and processing of data that can help in the assessment of the effectiveness of the organization's practices and provide means for quality control feedback. Some of the areas where the organization might use information technology to assess the effectiveness of its operations include managing health information pertaining to insurers, providers and consumers.
Organizational Behavior and Public Relations Management
Radiance reconstructive surgery utilizes a method for facial reconstructive surgery that uses radioactivity as a means of aiding the surgery process.

This process is one that is prone to misunderstanding from the public because of the hazards associated with the radioactive approach.

Therefore, the company should engage in marketing strategies that aim to educate and demonstrate the safety of the reconstruction method. Since the reconstruction method is a novel introduction into facial reconstruction, Radiance should pursue a marketing strategy aimed at market dominance.

Once the consumer's fears are allayed through targeted promotional campaigns where the safety and superior results of the reconstruction method is demonstrated, it is possible for Radiance to dominate the market and establish a niche where there is little competition.
Radiance should engage in lifestyle, sponsorship and event marketing only in later stages of the company's development when it has established the effectiveness of applying radioactivity in reconstructive surgery. Radiance could begin with the reconstruction of accident victims such as burn victims and perhaps use this as a platform to penetrate into the wider lifestyle, sponsorship and event marketing landscape.

The best venue for the company to market its products is in events relating to body care and aging products. These events and associated venues provide the most relevant meeting place for clientele interested in facial and other reconstructive surgeries.
Mellissa should promptly respond to the allegations by publicly addressing the issue in public. Immediate response is important in dispelling public fears about the company's failure according to the allegations made by the aggrieved client. The public should understand that the organizational culture at Radiance is one that is commitment to offering safe reconstruction options to their consumers (Ferrell, 2006).

To alter the negative perception, Melissa should carry an air of empathy for the alleged mishandling of the client's reconstruction needs. However, Melissa should also distance the company from culpability on the matter.


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