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Assignment On Need for Sustainability Manager

A Sustainability Manager provides a specific focus on the environmental and social concerns of the company. In this assignment you will explore the importance of this position and the incorporated responsibilities.

Top Shelf has a fairly typical ratio of managers to employees. However, your team knows that having a dedicated staff to focus on sustainability has worked well at other companies.

Using the module readings, online library resources, and the Internet, research sustainable management. Identify and research companies that have a sustainability manager (SM) or a similar position. Select three companies for use in this assignment. At least one of the three selected companies should also be in the retail industry.

Prepare a report making a case for Top Shelf to hire an SM. Cover the following in your report:

Explain the role and importance of an SM within a company.

Analyze the approach of your selected three companies toward sustainable management.

Provide rationale for Top Shelf to have a management focus on sustainability.

Explain the specific responsibilities the SM will take up at Top Shelf and the benefits and costs associated with the hire.

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