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Your organization has been given the assignment of interconnecting 10 healthcare facilities in the Gainesville Florida area. These facilities are owned by individual practices which report to a master practice for Gainesville. Sunshine Health Corporation is requiring that these facilities be interconnected for ease of operation and direct reporting of inventory, personnel records, and financial records. It is your job to develop an implementation plan to address inventory control electronically to provide direct results. Corporate has suggested a tablet type device that can connect wirelessly within the facilities and send data directly to the facilities' primary computer, the master practice systems, and corporate. Corporate has provided these handheld devices to the facilities. They can work through a WiFi connection. It is your job to ensure connectivity of these devices to the facilities computer systems, making sure they populate the right programs. You'll also ensure transmission to the master practice office and corporate. At the present time all work is sent through fax or is sent through the mail.

Develop a one page executive summary with network diagram that would be sent to the master practice office and corporate. Is important that this is a cost effective approach. Something such as high speed Internet, FiOS, Uverse, cable, or a business class Internet Service is acceptable.

The assignment should be 1-2 pages of content not counting title page, reference page or appendices (diagrams, budget sheet, equipment list, etc.). Please cite the sources that you used to support and strengthen your presentation using APA format.

Submit your work as one attachment.

Reference no: EM131354827

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