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Assignment for Critical Geopolitics,

Select a movie about the Middle East and evaluate it from the perspective of critical geopolitics. The movie that you will choose might be about war, politics, and cultural issues in the Middle East.

You should examine the political, cultural, geopolitical representations of the Middle East in the movie.


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In this paper, selects In the Valley of Elah movie to evaluate this film from the perspective of critical geopolitics. This paper describes war, politics, and cultural issues in the Iraq and based on real story, so this movie is selected for this paper to analyze the political, cultural, war situation and geopolitical representations of the Middle East. In the Valley of Elah movie is about what situation faced by American soldiers those come back from Iraq war. The movie depicts a soldier father’s search for his son and after then he find his body. The film exposes Iraq war, prisons abuse and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) situation in soldiers those return in war (Lee, 2007).

In the Valley of Elah is a 2007 blockbuster film that was written and directed by Paul Haggis. The film tells the story of a war soldier, his wife and their son. The Iraq war is famous topic of making movie in the American filmmakers. Paul Haggis is making the In the Valley of Elah through inspired by the true story of Army Specialist Richard Davis that was brutally murdered in 2003 in Columbus. Richard Davis is the soldier that was brutally murdered after returning home from Iraq (Reinhartz, 2013).

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