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"You are going to do a MNC (multinational corporation) Analysis. You should compare and contrast the operations of the two selected MNCs (Mercedes Benz and Tata), taking into consideration each MNCs business model, entry strategy, engagement with government and other stakeholders, labor-management relations, corporate social responsibility or other social or environmental initiatives, and financial performance. The analysis should provide an assessment of each MNCs overall approach to working in the selected country as well as recommendations for how they could improve their performance."

For the work that you are going to help with, the purpose is to according to the two MNCs (Multinational Corporation, my group has chosen the companies of Mercedes Benz and Tata (the Indian company), and I am responsible for the part of Mercedes Benz), make the hypothesis of the future and related things of Mercedes, and to make a MNC Analysis. Use as much strategies as you can.

The thesis of hypothesis is below:

Hypothesis: Mercedes

Acknowledging company's heritage, Expertise & Business Model, we believe that Mercedes should enter S.A. Market by targeting their existing customers.

1. Business Model - sales, surviving,
2. Global Strategy - leadership, African & German & Indian
3. Stakeholder Relationship
4. Relative success of countries' operations - Profit, market share, etc. & Expansion, etc. & use Business Model Canvas to explain if necessary.

Please do an analysis of the following questions:
- The illustration of hypothesis
- The connections with South Africa's operations of Mercedes Benz trucks
- The comparison of model range available in South Africa and Germany
- The Leadership analysis
- Illustrate the sales figures and changes over time
- The business model analysis of Mercedes Benz
- The connection to the other kinds of models (any related business models)

"The analysis should provide an assessment of each MNCs overall approach to working in the selected country as well as recommendations for how they could improve their performance. Good papers will clearly document the sources of information contained in the report using an appropriate referencing system (APA, MLA, Chicago Style)." 

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Reference no: EM13755270

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