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Assess the company's vulnerability to corporate financial distress based on methodologies discussed in Week 6 for your Module Project. In addition, you will compare the firm value that you arrived at through your prior valuation to the current market value. You are required to provide an analysis of the material in an essay format. Your analysis should consider if this is a corporation that is vulnerable to a takeover attempt or if this is a corporation that could be a potential buyer. Is this position consistent with the firm's stated acquisition strategy? Identify either a potential acquisition for this firm or a potential buyer of this firm, and evaluate the potential synergies of such a combination.

This section should be 1000 words in length. Valuation of company (Glencore) attached.

Attachment:- ASSIGNMENT SPREAD SHEET - vr. 5 - 15.02.2016 Revised Solution.xlsx

Reference no: EM13986478

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