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To complete the course of Healthcare Information Systems Management, each of you is expected to write a term paper. Your paper should be a literature review report of 10 text pages in length, plus whatever the diagrams and appendices you feel appropriate. You must cite your reference sources through the text and include a reference list using APA style at the end. The paper is to be typed, double spaced or 1.5 spaced, and in a readable 12-point Times New Roman type font with one-inch margins on four sides.

1. A cover page with an informative title, class name and code, section number, your name and date of completion.

2. An executive summary of 100 words that summarizes the purpose of your paper, your major findings, your conclusion and your discussion of implications as revealed in the entire report and a table of contents.

3. Literature review with a focus on ONE of the following topics:

3.1 History, development and issues regarding one aspect of healthcare information management;

3.2 A new trend in healthcare information technology management (2010 - present);

3.3 Electronic health records (HER) practices and issues (2010-present);

3.4 One type of telemedicine and its impact on healthcare development (2010-present);

3.5 Discussion of an existing issue in healthcare information and system management (i.e., universal healthcare, e-patient, security or privacy issue).

4. Discussion of your major findings. In this section please discuss what you've learned from writing on the selected topic.

5. Your conclusions. In this section, please briefly sum up the conclusions you can draw from your research on the topic or the prevailing opinions on the topic.

6. Discussion of implications for this class and for healthcare field.

8. A list of references cited throughout the paper text using APA style, with entries no less than TEN.

9. Overall writing skills including objectiveness, clarity in concept and in expression, consistency in format and style use, complete paper structure, and free of obvious spelling and grammar mistakes.

10. Your topic proposal.

Proposal: Teleoncology systems have the ability to significantly improve healthcare and how cancer patients can be treated. "Children are not spared; for example, cancer is the second most common cause of death in children in many Latin American countries, although as many as 70% of pediatric cancers are curable with the appropriate diagnosis and treatment." (Hazin and Qaddoumi, 2011)

I have chosen teleoncology as my topic since my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. The trials and tribulations that this brought to my family was significant. There were times when a conference call or a video call would have helped her and us. My sister lived and received treatment in Dallas Texas and the rest of the family lived in San Antonio and Victoria Texas. This caused a lot of strain on the family since we all had to travel.

Choosing teleoncology as my topic interests me a great deal. I think this topic can be beneficial to everyone in the class because we are all touched by someone who has had some type of cancer or cancer treatment. Bringing to light what is out there for us to utilize would help everyone a great deal whether they are in the health care industry or not.

My major is in management and this class is an elective class that has so far proven to be very interesting to me and has taught me a great deal. I hope to be able to learn more about telemedicine and teleoncology and how it can benefit others.


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The following paper has the most modern method of diagnosis and treatment in healthcare industry as the subject of consideration. This is about telehealth, which involves collection of the technology based means and methods of treating patients and work on the same line through telecommunication technologies. The focus is on the treatment of cancer i.e. oncology using these telecommunication technologies. Cancer, which is one of the most ‘dreaded diagnoses’, can be turned to be a little less painful through the use of methodology that employs no traveling for patients. There is simple video conferencing instead of face-to-face conversations, which can be excessively painful.

The use of Integrated Communications Technology has made it easier and more convenient for everyone when it comes to approaching for medical help. Through this paper it is understood how telehealth becomes an important aspect of the changing modern world. The concept of ICT application in developing countries and how it affects the lives of the people is also understood. The report findings are concerned on the design and the implementation of the technology for cancer related treatments. The study has also been based on feedback from patients as well as physicians. There is quality cancer care and it has been bundled with teleradiology, telepathology and other required systems.

The cost analysis gives an idea about the returns and the potential that the technology has. The study of benefits it has had and has the potential to further develop is also done for the paper. Keywords: diagnosis, treatment, healthcare, telehealth, telecommunication, technologies, cancer, oncology, teleoncology, video conferencing, teleradiology, telepathology, cost analysis, returns, potential, benefits, patient satisfaction, physician’s feedback

The concept of teleoncology talks about clinical services that help in the processes like diagnosis, treatment as well as follow-up when it comes to patients in the rural and the remote areas. These make the access to cancer treatment much easier and comparatively better. When we talk about cancer, even children procure the disease; for example, “Cancer is the second most common cause of death in children in many Latin American countries, although as many as 70% of pediatric cancers are curable with the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.” (Hazin and Qaddoumi, 2011).

The acccess to cancer care that is of good quality is often unavailable. This unavialbility has been seen not only in the countries with low or middel level income but also otherwise. There has been a same scenario in the rural and/or the remote areas of countries with high-income. This field of science and technology has applications based on medical telecommunications, which also includes pathology as well as radiology (Allen and Hayes, 1995).

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