Arguments for god existence

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Pick one of the three arguments for God's existence (Cosmological, Teleological, or Ontological) and explain the reasoning of the philosopher for God's existence found within the argument. Using a reasoned critique, what are the problems associated with the argument you selected?

Reference no: EM13781076

Determine the average return, standard deviation, variance

Using the average price data, create an excel file and use the appropriate excel functions to determine the average return, standard deviation, variance, and correlation for

Gaming approach to crowd behavior

Berk in the article, "Gaming Approach to Crowd Behavior," details a crowd situation leading up to the barricade episodic and applies utilitarian decision theory to explain it.

Language development increases in amount and complexity

children's language development increases in amount and complexity. They are exposed to more direct instruction of phonetic, semantic, syntactic, morphemic and pragmatic knowl

How idea of human rights shaped nature of today global world

Based on the discussion in the Snarr and Snarr chapter, what is the most important lesson about nationalism and globalization we learn from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

How were the people arranged in the physical environment

How were the people arranged in the physical environment (layout of room and seating arrangement)? What is the composition of the group, in terms of number of people, ages, se

Confidentiality-legally and ethically maintained

Discuss instances when confidentiality can NOT be legally and ethically maintained. In those situations when one cannot maintain confidentiality, how might disclosure be bes

Communicate with one public

When you communicate with one public in an attempt to reach another public, the public with whom you are communicating is known as ________.

The scenarios in the case study document

Select one of the scenarios in the Case Study document and write a 400- to 700-word negative message to the stated audience, employing the strategies learned in Ch. 8. Make


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