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Your claims are just that--your claims. Therefore, it's important that your claims make assertions that you wholeheartedly believe in. While some students feel that they must tailor their persuasive writing to their readers, our claims should contain assertions that are sincere--claims that we truly believe in.

Sincere claims are more compelling, better supported, and more believable that claims we may make to please our audience. Although we can take steps to address our audience in the most effective way possible, changing a position that we hold is not one of those steps.

Reminders. 1-9 pages for argument essay and 1 pages for work cited paper.

My argument research should be racism in police department or any topic you like to do for me. ethos should be included too for support evidence.

Argumentative Research Paper

The goal of academic argumentative writing is:

• to assert a compelling, debatable thesis, and
• to support the thesis and its primary claims by appealing to the pathos, ethos, and logos of the reader.

Length: 10-15 pages
Format: MLA
Source Documentation: MLA in-text citations and Works Cited page

Outside sources: minimum of five (three of which must be written)
Introduction section that
• introduces thesis and primary claims
• asserts a compelling, debatable thesis Body paragraph section that
• identifies and develops effective claims (reasons the reader should believe the thesis)
• provides sufficient, credible evidence (support)
• acknowledges and describes opposing viewpoints
• creates arguments by establishing clear, logical connections between the claims and evidence presented in the essay Conclusion section that
• reasserts the thesis
• reminds the reader of primary claims
• brings discussion to a satisfying close

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Reference no: EM13873996

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