Area and visiting other state are dependent

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Out of 1000 people surveyed, 600 belonged to urban areas and rest to rural areas. Among 500 who visited other states , 400 belonged to urban areas. Test 5 % level of significance whether area and visiting other state are dependent.

Reference no: EM1389523

Material sold for the material

A company has collected the following data from the purchase and use of heating fuel from its Business Statistics department for inventory management of the previous year:

The canonical correlation model of theorem

Let Σ be a (p x p) partitioned covariance matrix. The coefficients that maximize the correlation between the linear combinations u =aTX(1) and v = βTX(2) are the latent vector

Deliberate practice and elite performance

Expert and amateur pianists were compared in a study Maintaining Excellence: Deliberate Practice and Elite Performance in Young and Older Pianists (J. Experiment Psych.: Gen

What is nhst and describe the assumptions of the model

What is the difference between a statistically significant result and a clinically or "real world" significant result? Give examples of both. What is NHST? Describe the assu

Anova versus t-test

How can you tell when you should use the ANOVA versus a t-test? What is one problem with using the ANOVA when the t-test is the appropriate data analysis?

Goal programming approach to make decision

Given the information stated in Table 1 and your own criteria preferences, apply AHP to determine a priority ranking to make a decision which placement to take. Report the d

Comparing the observed and the predicted values

Refer to Exercise 9.10. After the least squares line has been obtained, the table below (which is similar to Table 9.4) can be used for (1) comparing the observed and the pr

What is the probability that a particular flight may be safe

What is the probability that a particular flight may be safe with at least one working radio? Why does the usual rounding rule of three significant digits not work here? Is


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