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Statement of purpose


Education, Society, and Culture PhD

Become an Educational Researcher in Today's Highly Diverse School System

Are you interested in a career as an educational researcher, university professor, or teacher-scholar? If so, UCR's Education, Society, and Culture PhD degree is a great way to gain the knowledge you need to succeed in these expanding fields. The doctoral program is part of the Graduate School of Education, which U.S. News and World Report ranked among the best in the state of California. A federally-designated Hispanic-serving research university, UCR's location in the heart of inland Southern California allows us to provide you with rigorous methodological and conceptual tools to engage in research with diverse student populations, which fosters greater understanding of the 21st century's growing K-12 challenges.

During your five years of doctoral study, you will work closely with distinguished professors in research projects exploring solutions to our nation's most pressing educational challenges.

Through the PhD program you will develop exceptional research, writing, and presentation skills. A highlight of the PhD program for many students is the opportunity to present their research findings and writing at prominent national education conferences.

The Statement of Purpose is your opportunity to state your specific interests with respect to the program to which you are applying. Your intended area of specialization, career objectives and research interests and experience are of particular interest.

My career objective is becoming a professor.

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