Are there federal discrimination laws that apply

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Leo, a biologically male employee of Delta Dismantlers, Inc., an auto salvage yard in California, planned to have a gender reassignment surgery but was terminated by his employer for wearing feminine attire after being told that the attire violated the company dress code. Leo wants to sue Delta Dismantlers for wrongfully discharging him. Are there federal discrimination laws that apply? Are there state discrimination laws that apply? Are there other laws that apply that might provide Leo with a cause of action?

Reference no: EM131176175

Describe emotional intelligence

Describe emotional intelligence. Why does a leader need good emotional intelligence? Shouldn’t a leader be a take-charge person focused on obtaining results like making money

The importance of policy against sexual harassment

Imagine yourself as a human resources professional who wants to alert top-level management to the importance of a policy against sexual harassment. What are some methods you c

Any people speak loudly to deaf people and blind people

Any people speak loudly to deaf people, blind people, and to those who speak another native tongue. Based on the information presented in this unit, what mistakes are these pe

Make choice between what is ethical and what is unethical

Write about a situation where you have been in a leadership position at your workplace and have been forced to make a choice between what is ethical and what is unethical. How

International business-environments and operations

Assume you are Cuba’s leader. What kind of trade relationship with the United States would be in your best interest? What type would you be willing to accept? International Bu

Using classic broadcast and classic print

For your selected model organization/product/cause discuss in detail using classic broadcast (only TV and radio) and classic print (only newspapers and magazines) advertising.

Hat is the value of the levered firm

Jericho Snacks is an all-equity firm with estimated earnings before interest and taxes of $826,000 annually forever. Currently, the firm has no debt but is considering borrowi

What is the minimum essential coverage provision

What is the Minimum Essential Coverage Provision? The provision requires that every citizen of the United States, except those falling within specified exceptions, acquire and


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