Are there any rhetorical devices

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Are there any rhetorical devices in this passage?

You know, I might not agree with it, but I could understand itif a society decided to look down on a woman who had a child out of wed-lock. But stoning to death? My God, that's barbaric and hideously immoral!

SECOND PERSON: But remember that you come from a background muchdifferent from that of the people in that part of Nigeria. It's less immoralin that situation. Besides, in Iran stoning to death has been a commonpunishment for adultery under the current regime.

Reference no: EM13179601

The cost of the capsule shells

List any bases Robins & Robins could sue Casings, Inc., under contract theory ONLY for the damages caused by the explosives in their drugs, over and above the cost of the caps

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According to the Situational leadership approach, D3 subordinates may be highly skilled but also lack commitment.  D4 subordinates are not certain that they can do the job by

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When would you use critical reading strategies in your work place? how would you use those strategies and which one would be most fitting? explain

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Understanding hypnosis in a terms of focused attention, distinctive brain activity, and the presence of an authoritative presence in a legitimate context, requires an intergra

Issues of terrorism-globalization and ecological crisis

How do Simone Weil, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Martin Luther King Jr and Ernest Becker and their philosophical ideas, relate to the issues of terrorism, globalization, and eco

Art is exalted above religion and race

Artist Emil Nolde said "Art is exalted above religion and race. Not a single solitary soul these days believes in the religion of the Assyrians, the Egyptians, or the Greeks..

Effects of relativity-which would slow the passage of time

Assuming they kept that speed, how long would it have taken them to reach Proxima Centauri? (You may safely ignore the effects of relativity, which would slow the passage of t


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