Are there any famous confucian celebs out there

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World View Chart Assignment


"Actionless Action (Daosim) and the Practice of Virtue (Confucianism)" Please view the materials in the Instructor's Insights and then respond to the following:

The overall problem is that we are caught up in the doing of things rather than being in the moment. Think of eating: we tend to eat, never enjoying the taste of food, totally missing the point where we are satiated. Instead we just gorge away until the food is gone then we mindlessly move to the next thing to do.

Instead, we should focus on the moment. Usually we think about where we need to be next. Usually we are thinking about what is going on rather than enjoying the moment. "In doing mode our mind is so often preoccupied with thoughts about what is going on that we may be only vaguely aware of what is actually happening." We also tend to be goal oriented in our actions. We do something in order to get to the next task. In wu wei "there is no attachment to achieving any goal at all." There is no ought or should or correct or incorrect, good enough or not good enough in wu wei non-action. We stop evaluating our experiences and instead enjoy the moment. "Non-striving...means broadening our focus beyond what's needed to reach a particular goal." But, it is not passive resignation. Instead, "we intentionally welcome and turn toward whatever arises."

With this in mind, can we really practice wu wei in America? Why or why not?

Quotes from The Mindful Way through Depression by Mark Williams et al.

Are there any famous Confucian celebs out there?


"Analyzing Essays that Offer Solutions to Problems" Please respond to the following:

Read the three essays in Chapter 11 ("The Nursing Crisis; The Solution Lies Within," "An Open Letter to the Community," and "Request for a Work Schedule Change.") Analyze the arguments and compare the effectiveness of their thesis statements, proposed solutions, and evidence.

Identify which one you think is most effective. Explain.

Reference no: EM131147371

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