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1. What do lean operations considerations (waste minimization, people involvement, continuous improvement, push vs. pull systems, set up reduction and total productive maintenance) you consider relevant for the product chosen?

2. Create a professional email to a professor (fictional) either challenging a low grade or asking for more feedback on a grade. Then post it in the discussion board. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OTHER PEOPLES ANSWERS.

3. What do you think of the cultural diversity program in the San Lucas school district? Are the goals of this program reasonable? Are good systems in place for reaching these goals? What alternative ideas could you suggest to the school district for improving its program?

Reference no: EM132191551

Estimate the safety stock

Chicago's Hard Rock Hotel distributes a mean of 1000 bath towels per day to guests at the pool and in their rooms. This demand is normally distributed with a standard deviatio

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Suppose jobs arrive at a single-machine workstation at a rate of 20 per hour and the average process time is 2 1/2 minutes. What is the utilization of the machine? Suppose tha

With the increasing use of technology in the workplace

With the increasing use of technology in the workplace, workplace security is getting more difficult for organizations to manage. The advancements in technology facilitate com

Producer of expensive-high-tech computer components

Assume that you are the supply chain manager for a producer of expensive, high-tech computer components. Identify the most suitable method(s) of transporting your product in t

Standardized operations management process

You are a new member of the operations team of a midsize manufacturing company with 500 employees. The decision makers at your manufacturing plant are struggling to meet pro

Perform a swot analysis for southwest airlines

Describe the current state of the airline industry and analyze what an airline can do to be successful in the current industry climate. Perform a SWOT analysis for Southwest

Describe the case briefly and describe the legal issue

Could someone help me find an example of a breach of contract case or some other contract dispute? Describe the case briefly and describe the legal issue. What ethical issue

Provide information regarding stress management

There are many sites available on the web that provide information regarding stress management. Explore the internet and share with us any sites that offered helpful hints r


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