Are all health disparities preventable or correctable

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Discussion 1

Read selected portions of "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report" by Frieden, et al., 2011, located in the Reading & Study folder for this module/week. Discuss the following points in your thread.

How is "health disparity" defined in this landmark CDC report? Are all health disparities preventable or correctable? What bottom-line societal interventions would likely address most, if not all, health disparities?

Describe and give examples of the health disparity presented in the topic area you read. What can be done in the near future to reduce these disparities? Are the disparities likely to be eliminated? Why or why not? What barriers stand in the way?

What would Jesus do to reduce or eliminate the disparity about which you read? What does He want you to do about it?

Reference no: EM131156675

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