Arbitrator-commercial exploitation-deception and libel

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Answer the first ten part by choosing the best match from the following list: arbitrator, commercial exploitation, deception, defendant, deposition, interrogatories, invitee, judicial review, larceny, libel, licensee, mallum prohibitum, mediator, negligence, plaintiff, precedent, prosecutor, reasonable care, res ipsa dominum, slander, slight care, statute, summary judgment, takings clause, trespasser, ultra-hazardous acts.

1. A business’s duty to its customers. ________________

2. A person who is sued by someone else. _______________

3. The key element in fraud. _______________

4. Helps parties reach a voluntary agreement. _______________

5. A judge decides a case in the way a previous case was decided _____________

6. I have strict liability if anything goes wrong. _______________

7. I steal all the erasers in all the classrooms in the building. _______________

8. The court doesn’t even need to hear the evidence. _______________

9. Pretrial oral questions answered under oath. _______________

10. I yell to a crowd that you stole my textbook. _______________

Reference no: EM131153262

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