Arbitrary dismissal and constructive dismissal

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Compare and contrast summary dismissal, arbitrary dismissal and constructive dismissal?

What can an employee do if he/she is being unfairly dismissed?

What would be the line of defense for employers when a dismissed employee sues them for arbitrary dismissal?

What best practice should employer adopt to avoid the legal consequences associated with dismissal of an employee on disciplinary ground?

Reference no: EM131043081

Islam and democracy are necessarily incompatible

You are reading a local newspaper and come upon a Letter to the Editor, from a Kansas City resident, in which the following assertions is made:  “Islam and democracy are neces

Topic of research for the course project

This week, you will select your topic of research for the Course Project. You will need to define the chosen topic, provide a brief description of the emergent technology, and

High-touch model that focuses on positive interactions

Chobani has instituted a high-touch model that focuses on positive interactions with its customers, including handwritten personal notes of thanks from its consumer loyalty te

Describe the specific type of od intervention strategy

Provide a brief scenario where it may be preferable to utilize an OD consultant. Then, using both the course materials and your experiences, describe the specific type of OD

Customers wait on average before being processed

Currently customers come in at the rate of 4 per hour and are processed at a similar rate. On average 8 cars are waiting to be processed, 4 needing routine repairs and 4 nee

Relative frequency for each possible

To establish a probability distribution, the relative frequency for each possible out come of the variable is found by dividing the frequency of observation by the total num

Every organization adheres to certain cultural values

Our main topic for this week is corporate culture. Every organization adheres to certain cultural values. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes not. Frankly, some values are g

How data will be collected in the case organization

SBM2101 Operation Management. Develop a research methodology to demonstrate how data will be collected in the case organization. Use the selected best practice model develop


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