Arab media representations of online social platforms

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Reference no: EM131097229


Country: Egypt.

We are attaching the proposal which is submitted by the student. We do not want anything from that, we need original proposal from scratch.

Student's Comment-

My professor comment

Very poor proposal away from linguistics , you write it related to media ad this is a critical mistake , rewrite it again within applied linguistics approach not media and use the same title or adjust it again , follow this instructions l need this sequences in your research proposal ,

  • Title , clear
  • Brief Introduction , includes the significance of the study plus statement of the problem 2 pages
  • (Recent literature review) 1 page
  • Research question, aim and objectives 1 page

Research methodology Max 6 pages includes

  • Study design (type of study)
  • Study population and sampling
  • Data collection methods and instruments
  • Data analysis methods - if applicable statistical planning must be fully addressed, or the candidate should provide evidence that statistics are not required.
  • Mechanisms to assure the quality of the study - e.g. control of bias, safe storage of data
  • Study period - Timetable for completion of the projects

Conclusion , summary only as one page

References , 3 pages

Country: Egypt

Attachment:- Proposal.rar

Reference no: EM131097229

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