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A crew of mechanics at the Highway Department garage repair vehicles that break down at an average of ? =10 vehicles per hour (approximately Poisson in nature). The mechanic crew can service an average of 2 vehicles every 10 minutes with a repair time distribution that approximates an exponential distribution. The crew cost is approximately $250 per day. The cost associated with lost productivity from the breakdown is estimated at $80 per vehicle per day. Which is cheaper, the existing system with one service crew or a revised system with two service crews? Note that the average waiting time for adding the second crew is 0.02.

Reference no: EM131114887

What implications do you see for leadership

Examine Exhibit 7 of the case. What implications do you see for leadership and for strategy development given the experience of the senior management team? This is from a Harv

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What particular types of innovation activities exist for which large firms are likely to outperform small firms? What types exist for which small firms are more likely to outp

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For starting up a new "APP" company, what is needed to IMPLEMENT each marketing strategy and identifying the individuals(or office) responsible for the completion of each task

Word sustainability used in popular news outlets

You’ve heard the word sustainability used in popular news outlets. It is a topic about which much has been written over the past few years; it has been studied academically, a

Consultant working in the area of business analysis

As a consultant working in the area of business analysis, you are expected to make recommendations to clients regarding the optimization of business operations, including prod

Profitability in order to perform social responsibility

While sustainability and CSR are well-engrained in business and management thinking today, measuring the impact of business on society and culture is a relatively new developm

Creating work breakdown structure-allocating resources

Research indicates that organizations believe project management is simply developing a project scope statement, creating a work breakdown structure (WBS), allocating resource

Using project management tools

Using Project Management Tools Assume that you were assigned the Project Manager role in March for implementing off-site training for five members of the Product Innovation te


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