Appropriate graphs optimal pricing of public transportation

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Show using appropriate graphs the optimal pricing of public transportation. In particular, show what the optimal pricing would be under a) no traffic congestion b) some traffic congestion

Reference no: EM131161171

Simultaneous rise in aggregate demand and fall

A simultaneous rise in Aggregate demand and fall and short run aggregate supply will definitely? A chage in labor productivity shifts the ______ curve and a change in the exch

Calculate the elasticity of supply for pancakes

Consider two markets. The initial equilibrium for both markets is the same, P = $6.50, and Q = 41.0. When the price is $6.75, the quantity supplied of motorcycles is 53.0 and

Why someone who isnormally a ligh eater at a standard

Use the economic perpective to explin why someone who isnormally a ligh eater at a standard restaurant may become somewhat of a gullton at a buffet-style restaurant that cha

Due to the global economic slowdown

Due to the global economic slowdown, we were benefiting from relatively low oil prices. But because of the instability of the Middle East and the slowing of the global economy

What is the value of the firm

Suppose in a firm, the probability of worker injury is = 1/20. The losses from an injury is $100,000. Suppose the cost of residual uncertainty is $3,000 and the cost from othe

Quarter million dollar challenge

Nutritional Sciences LLC sponsor the “Quarter Million Dollar Challenge,” a contest requiring contestants to use the company’s nutritional products and training plants to lose

Does this group enough information to make good decision

Freemont insurance sells homeowners insurance. In a recent financial review, managers discovered that company performance was lagging behind projections. Does this group have

Nominal interest with quarterly compounding

A bank account pays 12% nominal interest with quarterly compounding. A series of deposits started with a deposit of $5,000 on January 1, 2012. Deposits in the series will occu


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