Apply the simple synthesis procedure to produce bcnf

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Apply the simple synthesis procedure to produce BCNF tables using the following FD list. Show the results of each step in your analysis.

  • StdNo -->StdName, StdAdmitSems, StdAdmitYear, StdStatus, StdEmail
  • StdEmail --->StdNo, StdStatus
  • CourseNo ---> CrsDesc, CrsUnits, CrsDeptName, CrsCollName
  • PlanNo --> PlanDate, PlanAdvName, StdNo, PlanApproval, StdName
  • PlanNo, CourseNo --> Semester, Year, CreditType, Grade
  • PlanNo, PaperNo --> DateSubmit, DateDecided, Decision, PaperTitle, StdNo

Reference no: EM132184895

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