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Read at least three articles that are no more than 12 months old. Apply the content from the articles to advertising regulations.

The following requirements must be met:

- Write between 1,000 - 1,500 words using Microsoft Word in APA 6th edition style.
- Use an appropriate number of references to support your position, and defend your arguments.

The following are examples of primary and secondary sources that may be used, and non-credible and opinion based sources that may not be used.

1 Primary sources such as government websites (United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Census Bureau, The World Bank), peer reviewed and scholarly journals in EBSCOhost (Grantham University Online Library) and Google Scholar.

2 Secondary and credible sources such as CNN Money, The Wall Street Journal, trade journals, and publications in EBSCOhost (Grantham University Online Library).

3 Non-credible and opinion based sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. should not be used.

Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased statements, information, etc.) in the paper and list each source on a reference page using APA style. An overview of APA 6th edition in-text citations, formatting, reference list, and style is provided here.

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This assignment has been prepared by focusing on various requirements as needed. Overview of the articles has been provided and the same has been connected to elements of computer security. Focus is laid on completing all the requirements. Referencing is done appropriately...

Reference no: EM131316149

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WHAT IS THE TOPIC OF ASSIGNMENT AND THE REFERRED SOURCES ARE RELEVANT OR NOT. Yes they are relevant. I just meant that the source needs to be cited. The paper should be on advertising regulations. please cite work and use APA format

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