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Apply ethical decision-making models. The following criteria for ethical decision making, adapted from Dr. Arthur Gross Schafer’s Ethical Decision Making Model for ALA, incorporates principles from the utilitarian, moral-rights, justice, and practical approaches for ethical decision making discussed in the textbook. 1. Describe the problem or dilemma by including all related facts. 2. List everyone who may be involved in or affected by the decision. 3. List all the values that are involved in the decision, such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, confidentiality, fairness, compassion, kindness, respect for others, excellence, accountability, and being law-abiding and socially responsible. 4. List all the possible alternative actions you could take to resolve the problem/dilemma. 5. Which individual who is involved in or affected by the decision do you believe is the most important in this situation? 6. Which value do you believe is the most important in this situation? 7. Which of the possible alternative actions do you believe will cause the greatest good and the least harm? 8. Prioritize #5, #6, and #7 to identify the most important consideration in this situation. 9. Select an alternative and document your decision, based on the process above.

Identify an ethical dilemma you are aware of or have experienced at home, work, or school. Review the steps listed in the ethical decision-making strategy above, and write responses to each of the steps to describe your approach to ethical decision making. Describe alternative actions and explain your ethical decisions based on the guidelines.

Reference no: EM131147393

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