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Online Social Networks (OSNs) began with people seeking to connect with friends and family and stream entertainment content, but eventually the business world caught the wave. Review the two articles regarding the application of social networks in the business context and how companies are adapting these media tools to share data, reach out to customers, support employees, and facilitate the exchange of ideas. How to Use Location-Based Social Networks for Your Business by Lou Dubois How to Use Internal Collaboration and Social Networking Technology by Tony ByrneWould you consider OSNs in business a trend with long-term staying power or a karaoke fad that will soon turn into a media that outlives its usefulness? Explain your position.

Reference no: EM13266218

The practices of allopathic vs. homeopathic medicine,

it relates to the practices of allopathic vs. homeopathic medicine, has one method proven to be more effective than the other over time? Please support your answer with facts

Write paper for microcontrolle use in finger print scanner

Write a research paper for microcontrolle use in finger print scanner. Write a genral thinghs about finger print scanner. Write about microcontroller in finger print scanner.

Supplemental case ­ controlling employee benefit costs

answering the questions in short essay format for the following case study..... SUPPLEMENTAL CASE ­ Controlling Employee Benefit Costs

Plant well pty ltd

Plant Well Pty Ltd ("Plant Well") operates a nursery growing and selling garden plants. Charlie, Delta and Eric are the only directors and shareholders of Plant Well.

Romance at sea & team experiences paper

How might you connect your thoughts on Romance At Sea with concepts / theories- What skills do you consider most important when it comes to building a strong foundation for

Cold weather activities

A New Hampshire resort offers year-round activities: in winter, skiing and other cold-weather activities; in the summer, golf, tennis, and hiking. The resort's operating costs

Word paper that explains what an rfc (request for comment)is

Write a 500-word paper that explains what an RFC (Request For Comment) is, what an Internet Draft is, what organization produces these documents, and the process that is follo

Write a paper on emergency management and criminal justice

Write a paper on emergency management, homeland security and criminal justice during Hurricane Katrina. Determine what research method designs you will employ to tackle your


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