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1. List and briefly explain the four steps necessary for employers to be in compliance with federal and state laws governing the acquisition and use of applicants' and employees' background information.

2. Demonstrate your understanding of these terms by using them correctly in a paragraph you create. Creativity is encouraged, but not required; a realistic scenario would be best. Do not simply provide a definition for the terms. Terms: person-job fit, reliability, validity, negligent hiring, and job performance.

Reference no: EM131179801

Explain why their behavior is inappropriate

You are a manager of a retail store (a national chain). One day you overhear two of your supervisors arguing in the rear of the store (in front of numerous employees and cus

Interviewing the potential trainee to discover

Interviewing the potential trainee to discover his/her opinion of his/her development needs is a common practice. What are the advantages and disadvantages to this practice?

Explain the role of production

Explain the role of production, bargaining, and opportunism costs in relation to assessing public policy initiatives. Please provide at least one example to illustrate your

Most important variable to consider is whether individual

Do you agree with the statement, "for learning to take place, the most important variable to consider is whether the individual learner has sufficient ability to learn what

Important for hr management to transform

Why do you think it is important for HR Management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to becoming a more strategic contributor in organizations

Types of events you are planning

Rosie Ann Krauses restaurant  or Restort one- to two-pages (not including title and reference pages), describe an event planning business you would like to start. You will u

Method of choice-written-computerised-powerpoint

Develop a basic customer service training manual for a service organisation of your choice. The organisation should be in the tourism, hospitality, retail, personal service

Methods inductive-deductive reasoning

Describe the situation and share a thought if you feel it was an effective way to address the situation/topic using one of the two methods Inductive/Deductive Reasoning.


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