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1. List and briefly explain the four steps necessary for employers to be in compliance with federal and state laws governing the acquisition and use of applicants' and employees' background information.

2. Demonstrate your understanding of these terms by using them correctly in a paragraph you create. Creativity is encouraged, but not required; a realistic scenario would be best. Do not simply provide a definition for the terms. Terms: person-job fit, reliability, validity, negligent hiring, and job performance.

Reference no: EM131179801

Commercial application of remote sensing

Select an application supported by UAS-based remote sensing that interests you and develop a white paper of 1-2 pages reviewing the current state of the sector and where you

International macroeconomics report

For this report, you will use the concepts that you have learned about macroeconomics and apply them to another country's economy.  You may choose any country except the US

Credentialing committee in a managed care organization

1. What is the role of the credentialing committee in a managed care organization? And why is this function so crucial? 2. What is the role of the medical director in a manag

What is the current market price

Consider a firm operating in a competitive price-taker market. The firm is producing 40 units of output, has an average cost of production equal to $5, and is earning $240 e

Issues in crises management

This task requires you to consider and apply relevant theories, principles and ethics to the appropriate identification and analysis of a selected high-profile crises manage

Predicted economic growth

Both research groups said last week that the deficit has bottomed out and will begin to rise next year. They predicted economic growth would slow this year to 2.5 percent in

What are some of the unique problems faced by healthcare

What are some of the unique problems faced by healthcare providers in managing receivables?- What is the revenue cycle and how does electronic data interchange (EDI) fit in?

Equilibrium output of oranges to rise or fall

Make a prediction regarding both the price and output of oranges (i.e., for each part, tell me whether you expect the equilibrium price of oranges to rise or fall and whethe


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