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Mr. Edward left his job as a salesperson at Old English Insurance Agency. At his new agency, he solicited and secured several of his former customers. At Old English, customer files were kept in unlocked file drawers with no restricted access or nor any notations such as “confidential” or “proprietary.” The “unwritten policy” among agents at Old English had been to stay out of each other’s files. Has Edward committed any intellectual property violations or breaches of agency duties? Do you need more information to decide? Explain.

Reference no: EM131417562

What price must pens be sold to obtain a monthly profit

Find the break even quantity if pens sell for $ 1 each. At what price must pens be sold to obtain a monthly profit of $ 15,000, assuming that estimated demand materializes?

Important element in one parties claim against another

In litigation, establishing intent is an important element in one parties claim against another. In your own words explain intent and list and explain the three (3) levels of

You would like to play in the labor relations field

Reflect on Human Resources role in Union/Management Relations of employees and share some thoughts about your experience with the HR Department in your organization. Or write

How would you design survey for setting pay for welders

How would you design a survey for setting pay for welders? How would you design a survey for setting pay for financial managers? Do the issues differ? Will the techniques used

Synchronous modality and asynchronous modality

What are the most significant differences in collaborating in-person versus online through a synchronous modality (such as Skype) and an asynchronous modality (such as email)?

Negative consequences of politics on forecasting

What are some of the negative consequences of “politics” on forecasting? In what ways can forecasters (and management) reduce the negative consequences of organizational polit

Weighted-average number of shares outstanding

On January 1, 2015, Gridley Corporation had 250,000 shares of its $2 par value common stock outstanding. On March 1, On August 1, Gridley purchased 280,000 shares and immediat

What strategies are recommended for a firm

Using a Grand Strategy Matrix approach, what strategies are recommended for a firm that is a weak competitor in a slow-growing market? Elaborate on what these strategies cou


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