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Based on this definition, indicate which of the following transactions will be included in (that is, directly increase) the GDP of the United States in 2017.

Tasty's, a U.S. fast-food company, produces a hamburger at one of its many St. Louis locations on January 18, 2017. It sells the hamburger to a customer that same day.

The Jones family buys an antique silver platter at an auction in upstate New York on March 4, 2017.

Chocolate Express, a Swiss chocolate company, produces a chocolate bar at a plant in Illinois on December 12, 2017. An elementary school student buys the chocolate bar on December 24.

Athleticus, a U.S. shoe company, produces a pair of sneakers at a plant in Vietnam on March 4, 2017. Athleticus imports the pair of sneakers into the United States on May 28, 2017.

Graincorp, a U.S. agricultural company, produces corn syrup at a plant in Iowa on September 19, 2017. It sells the corn syrup to Crunchy's for use in the production of cereal that will be made in the United States in 2017. (Note: Focus exclusively on whether production of the corn syrup increases GDP directly, and ignore the effect of production of the cereal on GDP.)

Reference no: EM131239691

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