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1. If a colleague tells you that extinction is a natural process that has been going on for millions of years, and so a species going extinct a little earlier than it would have as a result of human activity is not a cause for concern. How would you respond?

2. Some people think that the word "stewardship" implies caring and protection; others think it implies an anthropocentric view of the human relationship to nature. What does the word "stewardship" mean to you?

3. How probable do you think it is that laws will be enacted requiring automakers to pay for environmental damage due to cars, and that automobiles will be more costly in the future as a result? What are examples of laws that you would consider making to1 defend environmental damages?

4. Can bioremediation be used in every kind of pollution situation? Does bioremediation have any disadvantages or risks? If so, what are they?

5. Describe how a smart grid differs from the grid system currently in use. What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing to a smart grid system?

6. Markets tend to respond to supply and demand, with price reflecting the scarcity of a commodity. Do you think the price of oil reflects how much oil is left in the ground? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131285550

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