Answer the question on 1. wind power and 2. ocean wave power

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1. Wind Power

a. Estimate the threshold wind speed (m/s) for a turbine with a rotor diameter of 50 m and Cp = 60 %

b. Calculate the wind power for a turbine with a rotor diameter of 50 m and Cp = 60 % at a wind speed of 17 m/s

2. Ocean Wave Power

a. Estimate the threshold wave height (m) for ocean waves with a frequency 0.25 Hz and overall turbine and generator efficiency of 60 %

b. Calculate the Ocean power if the wave height is 1 meter with a frequency 0.25 Hz and overall turbine and generator efficiency of 60 %

3. Comment on the results for both 1 and 2



Reference no: EM13145870

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