Annual taxes on property using the following formula

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Read the program requirements

The county tax office calculates the annual taxes on property using the following formula:

Tax=Property Value×0.0065

property on the list. You have been asked to design a program that the clerk can use to perform these calculations. In your interview with the tax clerk, you learn that each property is assigned a lot number, and all lot numbers are 1 or greater. You decide to write a loop that uses the number 0 as a sentinel value. During each loop iteration, the program will ask the clerk to enter either a property's lot number, or 0 to end Every day, a clerk in the tax office gets a list of properties and has to calculate the tax for each

Reference no: EM132183865

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Value of variable immediately before that process terminates

Suppose all fork calls are successful. Inside node for each process, illustrate value of variable x immediately before that process terminates.


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