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Thirteen years ago a firm issued $1,000 par value bonds with a 5% annual coupon rate and a term to maturity of 20 years. Market interest rates have decreased since then and similar bonds today would carry an annual coupon rate of 4%. What would these bonds sell for today if they made (a) annual coupon payments; and (b) semiannual coupon payments?

If the annual coupon bond in #8 above were selling for $1,150, what would be its current yield?

Reference no: EM131316381

Construct a depreciation table for a machine

Using the amortization method, construct a depreciation table for a machine whose value is $22,000 with a useful life of 7 years and a scrap value of $3,450. The interest ra

What is the last date on which the irs can assess

Mrs. Fugate, who is divorced, failed to include $28,000 alimony on her 2014 Form 1040. The only income she reported was her $78,000 salary. She filed her return on January 19,

What is the cash price rounded to the nearest whole number

It is May 1, and the quoted price of a bond with an Actual/365 day count and 8% per annum coupon in the United States is 104. It has a face value of 100 and pays coupons on Ap

Assume the car price stays the same

You would like to buy a Mercedes Benz Class A. You have about $20,000 but the car costs $55,000. If you can earn 3% per annum, how much do you have to invest (today) to buy th

What was the cost per light fitting produced

Wyre Electrical manufactures identical light fittings in batches of 40. During November, Wyre Electrical produced 1,327 batches. The total cost incurred in November were (£): 

Sales have been if the company had operated at full capacity

Last year Godinho Corp. had $250 million of sales, and it had $75 million of fixed assets that were being operated at 80% of capacity. In millions, how large could sales have

Assume the before-tax component costs of equity

Suppose that MNINK Industries’ capital structure features 64 percent equity, 8 percent preferred stock, and 28 percent debt. Assume the before-tax component costs of equity, p

Value of firm right after firm completes stock issuance

The company has the following market values of debt and equity: The firm has 10 shares outstanding; therefore, the current price per share is $5. The managers are considering


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