Annual costs for either location at point of indifference

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The Skulls, a student social organization, has two different locations under consideration for constructing a new chapter house. The Skulls' president, a POM student, estimates that due to differing land costs, utility rates, etc., both fixed and variable costs would be different for each of the proposed sites, as follows: Location Annual Fixed Variable Alpha Ave $5000 $200 per person Beta Blvd $8000 $150 per person What would be total annual costs for either location at the point of indifference?

Reference no: EM131042557

After searching the supplier directory

After searching the supplier directory, use specific criteria to compare the profiles of companies supplying both red and white. Decide which supplier is best for your compa

Annual demand for particular halogen bulb

Annual demand for a particular halogen bulb is D = 12800 at a business that operates 320 days per year. The cost per order, S, is dollar 12 and the holding cost per unit per y

What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down

What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down estimating approaches? Determine advantages and disadvantages for using each approach. Under what conditions would yo

Employee for comments the employee makes about company

Betty Nelson worked as an emergency medical techni-cian for the First Alert Medical Response ambulanceservice in Redfern, Idaho. One day in a meeting withher supervisor, Nelso

Decrease the probability of a favorable rental market

Philip Musa can build either a large video rental section or a small one in his Birmingham drugstore. He can also gather additional information or simply do nothing. If he gat

What are the benefits of global economic integration

What are the benefits of global economic integration? What is the main difference between a free trade agreement and a customs union? Name one example of a customs union. What

95% of cans will contain 500 grams or more

Cans of corn are filled by a machine which can be set for any desired average amount. If the fill is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 1.5 grams, where sh

Split the difference-exploding offers and deal sweeteners

Closing the deal, explain briefly and provide one example for each of the following: Provide alternatives (2 or 3 packages). Assume the close. Split the difference. Exploding


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