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Kristin Earhardt is a 26-year-old management trainee at a large chemical company. She is single and has no plans for marriage. Her annual salary is $34, 000 (placing her in the 1 5% tax bracket), and her monthly expenditures come to approximately $1 ,500. During the past year or so, Kristin has managed to save around $8, 000, and she expects to continue saving at least that amount each year for the fore-seeable future. Her company pays the premium on her $35,000 life insurance policy. Because Kristin’s entire education was financed by scholarships, she was able to save money from the summer and part-time jobs she held as a student. Altogether, she has a nest egg of nearly $1 8, 000, out of which she’d like to invest about $1 5,000. She’ll keep the remaining $3, 000 in a bank CD that pays 3% interest and will use this money only in an emergency. Kristin can afford to take more risks than someone with family obligations can, but she doesn’t wish to be a speculator; she simply wants to earn an attractive rate of return on her investments.

Critical Thinking Questions

What investment options are open to Kristin and discuss the factors you would consider when analyzing these alternate investment vehicles.

Reference no: EM131069116

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