Analyzing the organization of your current workplace

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In this assessment you will analyzing the organization of your current workplace. If you are currently not in the workforce you can use a previous workplace or that of a friend or spouse. Using your own work place is preferred. Chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12 will be addressed in this assessment. This assignment should be done in a PowerPoint or Business Report format. An essay format is not recommended.


Provide a brief overview of the company you will be evaluating for this assignment. Include the company name, products it produces and services it provides. Describe your role within the company and a description of the team dynamics in which you work. You should leave out any last names and can also change the name to keep it confidential.

Reference no: EM132184853

Difference between applied research and basic research

Discuss the difference between applied research and basic research? Give examples. Discuss the process of conducting a critical review of the literature. What is meant by “cri

Sensory receptors influence our perception of brand new car

How do our sensory receptors influence our perception of a brand new car? Motivation is an internal state that drives consumers to take action to satisfy their needs. Explain

Identify how changes in the external environment

Identify how changes in the external environment may affect the OM strategy for a company. For example, what impact are the following factors likely to have on OM strategy?

Mentoring a key high-potential future leader

You are a senior leader who is mentoring a key high-potential future leader. Share with her the pieces of the interactional framework and how she can apply it to improve her o

About the institutionalized plagiarism

In some “real-world” contexts, plagiarism is not only acceptable but is expected. Brian Martin calls this “institutionalized plagiarism.” Plagiarism is as tied to context as e

Identify a journal article relevant to your industry

identify a journal article relevant to your industry (past, current, or intended) and describe why that article helps you understand a component of motivation within your in

Money problems

The Copper King Inn, Inc. had money problems. It borrowed $62,500 from two of its officers, Noonan and Patterson, but that did not suffice to keep the inn going. So Noonan, on

Customer relationship management system

Jim Watanabe was in his new car, driving down I-5, on his way to work. He dreaded the phone call he knew he was going to have to make. The original go-live date for a pilot im


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